This 'Premium Sales' section is for advertising larger new or used marine-oriented items for sale (over 500,000 baht / 16,000 US$) in Phuket and Andaman sea area, such as Yachts, large Tenders & Speedboats, Marine services or even Condos in the marinas.


If you wish to advertise an item (or service) here we will design and host a complete new webpage exclusively for you. We can insert an extensive gallery of high-quality photos, and a full specification with other details, together with any other information you require. If necessary we can arrange for our own professional photographer to make the images or videos of your yacht, or other item, and you will also receive a high-resolution copy of these for your own use afterwards. Our web-designer will listen carefully to your requirements, and can then arrange the page layout and design to present your item in the best possible way.

The standard 'one-time' fee for designing & creating your web-page is normally 4000 - 6000 baht, depending on complexity.
The fee for hosting the advertisement on our website (minimum 6 months) is charged at 5000 baht per month, payable in advance.
If you book the advertisement for 6 months, you will get 1 month free of charge - so the total hosting fee will be 25,000 baht.
If you book the advertisement for 1 year, you will get 2 months free of charge - so the total hosting fee will be 50,000 baht.
The advertisement (web-page) will remain hosted on our website for the whole period paid for, unless you ask us to remove it when you have sold the item. We can also update your web-page regularly, if required, for a small fee.
If you require our staff to take photographs or video of your item for sale, to insert on the web-page, then please contact us for pricing. Fees for this service (in Phuket) are very reasonable, starting at just 2500 baht for a 1-hour photo-shoot.


Important Note:

We do not usually act as a broker, and normally therefore, MPT will not retain any commission or percentage of the sales price when an item is sold. You only pay for designing the web-page, and the hosting of it here.


However, in certain cases where the customer wishes us to sell an item (value > 5,000,000 baht) based on a commission percentage basis, and market the product on their behalf, this can be arranged. Please call for more details. In this instance the advance fees paid for the monthly hosting of the advertisement will also be refunded to the Seller at the time of sale. 


Please contact Mike (mb: 089 033 7127) or K'Wiwat (mb: 081 536 8188) to discuss your exact requirements, and for detailed pricing and services available. 




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