All parts on this page are Brand New, and unused, and usually in stock in at AME Marine chandlery in Ao Po Grand Marina, Phuket, unless stated below.  Normal Warranty conditions apply, and can be checked with the staff in our Chandlery.  Click on images below for full-size picture.

Unless otherwise stated, all prices shown are net (excl.VAT@7%)


AME Marine Ltd is the exclusive authorised agent in Thailand for the high quality range of Arimar Liferafts, manufactured in Italy. Arimar products are all manufactured to the very highest ISO-9001 quality control assurance standards, using their extensive 25-year experience in the marine safety sector, and all the relevant RINS & ISO certificates and Bureau Veritas, Lloyds Register collaboration documents are available for inspection.

Arimar rafts are manufactured from a special fabric called AriTech®, which is incredibly resistant to tearing & perforation, and the plastomers give it excellent resistance to UV, and the extreme marine environment. The panels are all laser-cut, and assembled using a special high-frequency welding technology, which is far superior to traditional gluing techniques, and then hermetically-sealed into their containers. Due to this space-age material, all Arimar rafts come with a 12-year fabric & seam-welding guarantee.

A worldwide inspection network guarantees a fast, professional & competitive inspection service wherever you are and, of course, AME Marine can also arrange for this service.

Currently AME Marine stock the "International Offshore" range of rafts at our Chandlery in Ao PO Grand Marine, Phuket, and we can also supply their OCEANIC, ISO-9650-1, and full SOLAS A & B pack types, as well as specific rafts to comply with national regulations for yachts flagged in Italy, Greece, France, Croatia & Spain.



The 'International Offshore' liferaft series is an economical, compact & lightweight raft, available in 4 - 10 person sizes, either in rectangular 'Hard Canister' or 'Soft Valise' containers. It is suitable for Offshore and Coastal navigation, and it is manufactured with Ballast pockets for stability in rough seas, and a thermal insulated floor, so it also suitable for cold climates.

International Regulations for most countries state that the "International Offshore" liferaft only needs servicing and re-certifying every 3 years, rather than every year - which saves the owner a great deal of money over a 12 year lifespan !

The emergency equipment pack includes the most important items, including: boarding ladder, MOB lines, sea anchor, floating knife, bailers & sponges, whistle, manual air pump, paddles, torches with spare batteries & bulbs, hand flares, raft repair kit, anti sea-sickness tablets, etc. Of course you can add a "Grab-Bag" if you want additional items also.

The raft automatically inflates when the 12 metre long 'painter' rope is pulled, and is easily righted by even a single person.


The prices below are for Liferafts from our STOCK in Phuket only, and are current for April 2017. Prices exclude 7% VAT.  Delivery can be arranged in Phuket or Krabi.  Please call Mike for current prices & stock (mb: 089 033 7127 - office hrs only). email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ARIMAR "International Offshore" Liferafts
Part Number Capacity Container L x W x Height (mm) Weight (kg) Price THB (net) 
101.024 4 person Canister 660 x 430 x 300 30 69,300
101.026 6 person Canister 660 x 430 x 300 33 73,800
101.028 8 person Canister 730 x 470 x 310 38 78,300
101.030 10 person Canister 730 x 470 x 320 42 93,600
101.034 4 person Valise 690 x 300 x 350 27 67,500
101.036 6 person Valise 740 x 310 x 380 29 72,500
101.038 8 person Valise 740 x 310 x 380 34 76,500
101.040 10 person Valise 750 x 310 x 450 40 91,800

     * TRADE CUSTOMERS please call Mike for Quotation (089 033 7127)     


The "ISO-9650-1 pack 1 (+24hr)" liferafts contain a more comprehensive range of emergency equipment, designed for deep sea navigation, and to ensure survival for longer periods of time. This raft is homologated under the French regulations and conforms to the ISO 9650 standard.  It includes everything contained in the "Int. Offshore" raft, plus the following extra items: heliograph, internal/external light, thermal blankets, parachute rockets, SOLAS first aid kit, food and water rations.
Construction materials & automatic-inflation are identical to "Int. Offshore" rafts.  Servicing is usually required every year, depending on which country your yacht is registered.

The prices below are for Liferafts from our STOCK in Phuket only, and are current for November 2016. Prices exclude 7% VAT.

Please call Mike for current prices & stock (mb: 089 033 7127 - office hrs only). email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


ARIMAR "ISO-9650-1 Pack 1 (+24hr)" Liferafts
Part Number Capacity Container L x W x Height (mm) Weight (kg) Price THB (net) 
101.504 4 person Canister 730 x 470 x 320 56 84,700
101.506 6 person Canister 730 x 470 x 340 61 90,200
101.508 8 person Canister 730 x 470 x 360 71 95,700
101.510 10 person Canister 850 x 600 x 310 84 114,400
101.512 12 person Canister 850 x 600 x 320 95 126,500
  * We can also supply Arimar ISO-9650-1 rafts in soft Valise cases to order.




In addition to liferafts we stock many different sizes and styles of 'Grab Bags' (also called 'Crash-bags') to supplement the emergency equipment in your Liferaft, and these are normally stowed adjacent to your raft.

You can add anything you wish yourself, at any time, and of course AME Marine stock all of the important items in our shop in Phuket Boat Lagoon.

Usual items put in Grab-bags include: Extra flares, parachute rockets, buoyant smokes, SOLAS first aid kits, 'Seven Seas' emergency water and food rations, thermal blankets, signalling lights, thermal protective aids, signalling mirrors, LED torches, waterproof matches, SART's and 406MHz EPIRBS.

Please call or email Mike for Grab-bag specs, stock and prices. We usually have Arimar, Plastimo and Lalizas types in stock, with volumes from 10 litres up to 50 litres.






AME Marine Ltd is the exclusive approved agent in Phuket & Krabi provinces for Lalizas Liferafts. The rafts are available in 4 - 12 person sizes, in either Valise of hard Canister containers. The raft combines compact size and structural integrity with proven liferaft design. It is automatically inflated by a 12metre painter line by on-board CO2 cylinders.

The main body of the raft consists of 2 buoyant chambers, each capable of fully supporting the raft with its maximum number of occupants, and each chamber is inflated through a non-return valve, ensuring the complete inflation of the liferaft. The ISO-RAFTS are manufactured in China under strict quality control.

The ISO-Raft features a single thermally insulated floor, self-erecting canopy, ventilation and observation port, a fully closeable entrance, internal and external lifelines, and a righting device suitable for handling even by one person.
The emergency equipment contained in the raft includes: bailer and sponges, pair of floating paddles, whistle, waterproof torch and spare battery/bulb, signalling mirror, anti-seasickness tablets and bags, 3 pcs red hand flare, 2 pcs red Parachute rockets, repair kit, hand pump, mooring ring and 30m rope, safety knife and floating anchor with 30m line.

Lalizas ISO-Rafts carry a fully transferable 12 year fabric and seam guarantee, to ensure complete customer satisfaction. The first inspection service and re-certification of the raft should be 2 years after installation, or not more than 3 years from manufacture date, and annually thereafter.  Lalizas liferafts can be serviced by a large number of international service stations and, naturally, AME Marine can also arrange for Servicing and Re-Certification of all their rafts.

The prices below are current until November 2014.  Prices exclude 7% VAT.  Delivery can be arranged in Phuket or Krabi areas.  Please call Mike for current prices, stock and delivery times (mb: 089 033 7127 - office hours only)
LALIZAS "ISO-Rafts" (ISO 9650-1)
Part Number Capacity Container L x W x Height (cm) Weight (kg) Price THB (net)
78800 4 person Canister 760 x 480 x 330 38 58,750
78810 6 person Canister 760 x 480 x 330 42 62,250
78820 8 person Canister 770 x 550 x330 50 65,750
78830 10 person Canister 820 x 370 x 355 56 77,500
78840 12 person Canister 920 x 570 x 340 62 85,250
78850 4 person Valise 680 x 400 x 250 32 56,750
78860 6 person Valise 710 x 420 x 280 36 60,250
78870 8 person Valise 710 x 420 x 280 38 63,750
78880 10 person Valise 800 x 470 x 300 45 75,500
78890 12 person Valise 850 x 500 x 300 52 83,250

   * TRADE CUSTOMERS please call Mike for Quotation (089 033 7127)  



AME Marine are now exclusive Thailand authorised agents for the excellent new EPIRBS from KTi, which use the latest electronics technology, and these come with 10-year Battery and 10-year Warranty, as well as quality construction as they are manufactured in Australia.
Most EPIRBS in Thailand are well over 40,000 baht, and even servicing them and replacement batteries will cost in excess of 17,000 baht - especially older models !  So our pricing of these, pre-programmed with your vessels MMSI or call-sign, at just 25,900 baht (including 7% VAT) is an astonishing deal.


  • Design: GPS Equipped, high stability oven-free frequency reference for rapid satellite-compatible transmission. Durable, flexible, stainless-steel antenna.  Free of permanent magnets.  Waterproof to a depth of greater than 5 metres.  Floats with antenna vertical.

  • Frequencies: 406 MHz satellite communication with 121.5 MHz homing transmitter.

  • GPS Receiver: Internal 66 channel with quad helix antenna.

  • Approvals: COSPAS-SARSAT C/S T.001, AS/NZS 4280.

  • Activation: Manual switch with test facility.

  • Strobe Light: High intensity photo-flash, sequenced in an attention attracting double flash.

  • Batteries:  Non-hazmat SOfree lithium with 20 year shelf life, recommend replacement after 10 years.

  • Dimensions: 250mm  x 80mm diameter.

  • Antenna: 265mm flexible blade, marine grade stainless steel.

  • Gross Weight:  860 grams approx.

  • Warranty: 10 Year parts and labour.

  • Accessories: Supplied with quick release mounting bracket.

Delivery is usually 12 days from order, and the units come pre-programmed with your yacht name and MMSI number (or call-sign). We will need this information (or a copy of your boat particulars/registration) at time of order.

We have an SA1G Epirb on display in our shop in Phuket Boat Lagoon, if you want to see the unit, and can explain anything you need to know. Please call Mike on 089 033 7127 for more information (office hours only), or for Trade enquiries.




PFE - Fire Extinguishing Devices

AME Marine are now the Thailand distributors for the range of 'Potassium Clean Agent' PFE Fire Extinguishing devices.  These are the worlds most versatile and compact fire extinguishing devices. They are Environmentally-friendly, with no Clean-up and non-Toxic. 
This is the only type of portable extinguishing device you can use on both liquid fuel and electrical fires. These are far better then the traditional ABC/Dry Powder types, and are about one third of the size and weight - and give more than double the 'Discharge time' also !
They are fully Type Approved by RINA and fully CE approved.  They are approved for use on class A, B, C, E and F fires (Combustible Solids, Flammable Liquids, Flammable Gases, Electrical fires and Kitchen fires - so actually they are better than a normal ABC 'Dry Powder' type also).
They are mostly manufactured from Polymer and Plastic materials, so there almost nothing to rust.  Even the nifty mounting bracket is made from polymer.
Perhaps the most clever thing is that they do NOT contain a 'pressurised cylinder', therefore they are not DG (Dangerous Goods) rated, which lowers costs when transporting and importing. In effect they become an 'Aerosol' only after you have released the 'Safety Catch Ring', and pressed the yellow button.
As there is no pressurised cylinder, they do not need Annual Service and re-certification, saving you more money !  They have a life of 5 years, and then you just throw them away, and replace with new.  If located in a very exposed marine environment (eg; open cockpit), the recommended life is 3 years. Of course they come marked with manufacture and expiry dates.
We have already had all the Approvals and Certifications checked by a Phuket Marine Surveyor - and he exclaimed that he was 'very impressed' !
To watch short 'YouTube' videos of these amazing PFE Fire extinguishing devices, just click on 1 of the 3 links below. I am sure you will be impressed!
Currently we have the smallest PFE-1's in stock, and we will shortly have PFE2's and PFE-3's also.
PFE-1  1,850 baht (net),   PFE-2   4,600 baht (net)   s/s Bracket for PFE-2    359 baht (net)      photo to follow
MINI-SERIES JR200 units             
In a further exciting development of this type of Potassium Clean Agent device, there will shortly also be a self-contained version of the PFE device that includes an automatic actuation thermistor in the stainless-steel body, for mounting in Engine-rooms etc., providing full 24/7 protection even when there is nobody on board.  These 'Mini-series' units have a discharge time of 40 seconds.  The units will discharge automatically when the room temperature reaches 79° Celsius.
These will save a huge amount of money over current Fireboy/Seafire, and similar, FM-200 type FFE systems - and each unit will protect up to 2 cubic metres. So, for an average cruising catamaran you just need 2 of these units screwed to the ceiiling in each engine room. Job Done. Throw away after 5 years and fit new . . . .
JR200        17,000 (net)    (includes additional s/s safety bracket)
For more info about these thermistor controlled units, with costs and delivery times, please email Mike.
(mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)



Ref: SA-0007


AME Marine usually have stock of new, small-sized, portable 'Dry-Powder' fire extinguishers.
These are 'Dry Powder' ABC types, and suitable for all fires of Class A (combustible solids), Class B (oil & gas), and Class C (Electrical).
1.2kg ABC extinguishers:  990 baht (+VAT)
2.4kg ABC extinguishers:  1,800 baht (+VAT)
Both types come include simple 'plated' mounting hardware, but we also manufacture polished s/s 316L Clamp brackets (as shown in photo below) to fit your extinguishers more securely, and stop them rattling around. Prices for these 'over-centre' brackets start at 500 baht each (net) for the 1.2 kg sizes.
We also usually have stock of 2.4kg Co2 Extinguishers, especially for flammable liquid fires. (good for Galleys and Engine rooms)
2.4 kg Co2 Extinguishers   2,245 baht (+VAT)
Larger Extinguishers (Dry Powder Chemical, Co2 and  FM-200 for Engine Rooms) are available to order.
*** AME Marine can also Service/Inspect and Re-Certify your dry-powder or Co2 marine fire extinguishers, and also FFE systems/On-Board Co2 or FM-200. See below.


Ref: SA-0009

FFE Service/Inspection (Fixed Fire Equipment)

If you have Fixed Fire Extinguishing Equipment on your yacht (eg: Engine-room or Galley, Co2 or FM-200 types), these systems usually need Inspection, Servicing and Re-Certification every 12 months for insurance purposes. We can also supply replacement "Fire-Boy" FM-200 systems, and cylinders.

AME Marine arrange for certified marine FFE Engineers to carry our these inspections on board yachts berthed in Phuket approx. every 2 months during high-season (October - March). To save on the engineer travelling costs from Bangkok to Phuket (and back) we usually only arrange these visits for a minimum of 5 yachts each time, which are shared between each customer.

If your yacht needs an FFE inspection in the next 3 - 4 months, please let us know as soon as possible, so we can book it into our schedule and also provide you with an estimate.

We do need a copy of the last FFE Inspection certificate, and a copy of the boat particulars/registration, and preferably a couple of clear photographs of the system.

For more information please contact Mike on 089 033 7127 (office hours only), or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Ref: SA-0008

Hand-Flares, Parachute-Rockets and Buoyant Smokes

AME Marine stocks Flares, Para-Rockets and Buoyant Smokes in our shop (soi 1, Phuket Boat Lagoon), but only in limited quantity to ensure that they have the longest possible 'lifetime' available before 'expiry date'.  Normally our stock has at least 30 months lifetime.

If you need fresh Flares, Para-Rockets or Smokes, please call Mike (mb:089 033 7127) at least 48 hours before arrival to allow us to get latest stock in for you.  The usual requirement for a Pyrotechnic pack on board private/pleasure cruising yachts is: 3 Hand flares, 2 Para Rockets & 2 Buoyant smokes. Usually we stock the "IKAROS" (Norway) or "PAINS WESSEX" (UK) brands.
We also stock several sizes of specially-designed and approved waterproof Flare containers.

October 2014 prices:

Hand Flares (Ikaros):   950 baht each (+VAT)
Parachute-Rockets:  2,250 baht each (+VAT)
Buoyant Smokes:  2,250 baht each (+VAT)




Ref: SA-0012

Honeywell CARBON MONOXIDE Detectors - Now in Stock again !

Model H450EN. Fully self-contained unit.

Expiry 6 years. (Current stock expires January 2021)

Internal Lithium battery - so NO electrical connections to make. Just fix to bulkhead or ceiling in cabins.

Continous Self-test function and very loud Alarm . . . .

Price is now reduced to just 4,500 baht each (net)

Call Mike on 089 033 7127 for more details (Office hours only)


Ref: SA-0003

Liferaft Mounts

We can manufacture custom mounting frames for your Liferaft.
Made from highest quality 316L stainless steel. Brushed finish.
Normally delivery 4 - 6 days.

Starting price approx. 6,400 baht (similar to sample photos below)


Ref: SA-0010


AME Marine keep stock of 2 different brands of Fire Blankets for yachts.
It is imperative to keep at least 1 or these in the galley area.
Our Fire Blankets are CE approved, EN-1869:1997.
Size is 1metre x 1metre, and they come in a handy plastic quick-dispenser box
to fix to the wall / bulkhead /inside cupboard door etc., etc
Price is just 850 baht (net) each.


Ref: SA-0011

Propane/CNG Monitor and Auto-shutoff system - Fireboy-XINTEX SA2 unit

Complete set includes monitor panel, propane sensor, alarm, wiring harness, instructions, and solenoid valve that automatically shuts off your propane/CNG gas supply at the tank if fumes are detected on board your yacht.

Manufactured by the industry leader in USA, Fireboy-Xintex.

Self-test facility.
12v DC operation.
Constant 24 hr monitoring (on 2 separate channels) for gas in your yacht. 

Price approx. 15,000 baht



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